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Students were the first group to have access to the core services of UConn Google Apps. This process started in Fall of 2011 and continues to evolve to this day. It was originally selected as the email replacement for the old HuskyMail system, but has since grown far beyond that. We have found that some of most common uses for the applications within Google cater to collaboration amongst groups of people. For this reason we have seen some of the best success with student groups at the university. Groups the size of SUBOG, fraternities or sororities to recreation clubs within Student Activities have been able to utilize there tools to better connect, create and collaborate with all their members. Polling student groups we have come up with some of the most common uses for their organization.

googlemail-32 Utilize Gmail to organize all communication within a group – all members can set specific labels on their emails so they know which emails relate to their involvement

Create shared calendars that members can sync with their personal calendars and see all activities in one view – this can be taken on the go with setting up Google Calendar with your mobile device

Use Forms in Google Drive to poll all members on the best date to set a meeting

Collaborating and working on marketing documents through Google Drive –assisting in recruiting and advertising group events

Working on a meeting minutes in real time that everyone can see, edit and comment on in Google Drive

Group members holding online meetings through video chat feature on Google Hangout – up to 10 people at a time

Creating a Google Site that advertises the club or group – includes links to documents for recruitment

Setting up a discussion thread on topic ideas for a philanthropic event through Google Groups

Common Questions
How can I set filters for my group emails in Gmail?
In order to flag the emails that you get from your particular group you may want to set filters in your Gmail. You can do this when you are signed into Gmail by navigating to the settings button (Gear icon in upper right hand corner). On the drop down menu click on settings and then select the Filters tab. Click the Create a new Filter link and a box will appear. If you fill in the From field with the email addresses of group members then this is a good way to either put them in a specific folder or give them the Group label that you can create automatically.
How can I create a shared calendar that all my group members subscribe to?
Navigate to the Google Calendar App once you log into Gmail. Find the drop down menu next to My Calendars and click Create new calendar. In the Create new calendar options you can name the calendar, share it with everyone in your group, and give defined permissions to different members. This shared calendar request will be sent out via Gmail to all members and can be overlaid on everyone’s personal calendar.
How can I share files with Group members in Google Drive?
One of the best features of Drive is the ability to create one document and share it with a large number of people. Any type of document that is created (doc, spreadsheet, presentation, form, drawing) can be shared with multiple users using the share button in the upper right hand corner. You can also assign different permission levels depending on if you want members to read only or be able to edit and change the file.
How should our group handle the ownership of important documents in Google Drive?
The ownership of documents is an important topic for a student organization. With continued turnover of membership and leadership of a group the important documents have to be able to transfer ownership. Under the Sharing settings of any document the original creator (owner) of a document can transfer that ownership to another person. Note that this only works when users are in the same domain – meaning that are both using UConn Google Apps, not a personal Gmail account.
How can my student group get training on how to get the most out of our Google Apps accounts?
HuskyTech offers training to student groups on how to use Google Apps to better connect, create and collaborate amongst their members. We cater the workshop to your organization and provide examples on how you can better work together with these applications. For more information visit our Training page.
Google Apps in Focus
“SUBOG is a fee – funded organization on campus. We function primarily as the campus programming board through the student union. Google has helped utilize new skills and communication between the board. We have always ran into problems with communication via the internet. Google Apps really helps SUBOG organize their e-mails and communicate with their committees. I definitely see organizations using labels to sort their emails. I think that everyone can also use the Google Site feature to create websites for the organizations (especially Tier II)” – Jamille R, Allied Health Major, Class of ‘14

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