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Google Apps are provided by the University to students, faculty, and staff as an enterprise cloud-based suite of tools. Each audience has a specific set of tools based on their needs (refer to the comparison chart below). Users within those groups can also “opt-in” to Google’s public services made available by the University.

Audience Comparison (click to expand)

What Google services are available to me?Because of the nature of University IT policies, Google Apps has specific features enabled based on University affiliation. Faculty and Staff who opt-in to the Google Apps core services, will maintain their existing Microsoft Exchange account for their email address (Note: none of your Exchange data will be removed). Exchange will continue to be the platform for providing mail and contacts. The Google counterpart of these features will be visible in your Google Apps account, but you should use the Exchange version of these applications.

All Google Apps users (regardless of University affiliation) will have access to all available public services upon public services opt-in.

Service Student Faculty/Staff
Email Google Mail (By Default) Exchange Mail Non-Email Core Services By Default After Google Apps Account Opt-in Public Services After Public Services Opt-in After Public Services Opt-in

Core Services

What are the core services available with Google Apps @ UConn?
The applications offered through core services are listed below, click the application name to learn more. Each of these apps are covered under the University – Google enterprise agreement ( see core services policies):


Public ServicesWhat are Google public services? What apps are made available with public services? How do they differ from the core services?The applications below are made available to users with Google accounts.The public services fall outside of the University – Google enterprise agreement (see public services policies) and require users to agree directly with Google’s terms of use. Students, faculty and staff must opt-in to gain access to public services. The public services content will be a dynamic list as Google offers new products and expires old services. This page will display the most up to date listing of what services are enabled for UConn.