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How to Use Google Takeout


Google Takeout is the backup service provided to you through your Google Apps Account. You have to opt-in to Public Services in order to have access to this feature. Make sure you are logged into your UConn Google Apps account and then navigate to This will bring you to the advanced settings within your Google Apps Account which hosts the Google Takeout application.


Google Accounts Help (Download your data: Per-service information)

Google Takeout can back up the following:

Home and Office Social Media
Contacts Profile YouTube
Drive Hangouts Google+ Photos
Mail (Gmail not Exchange) Google+ Circles
Calendar Google+ Stream
Google+ Pages
Check what you would like to backup and then click Create Archive. You can choose the file format you wish the data to download as – this defaults to zip file.

how to use takeout 2

You do not have to stay on this page if you check the option “Email me when ready” which will notify you when the zip file is available. This may take awhile depending on the amount of data you have stored.

how to use takeout 3