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Google Takeout


Google Takeout allows you to download data you’ve created through, or imported to Google products, and import it to other internet services. With the UConn Google account you have to opt-in to Public Services in order to use Takeout. The Takeout tool packages data in open and portable formats. This is a great app to have when you leave your UConn Gmail and want to open a personal GMail account and want to move your accumulated work and data.


Google Takeout Help Center
How To Use Google Takeout

Quick Facts About Google Takeout (click to expand)

takeout_32Google Takeout uses a variety of open, portable formats for your data. To find out what format a particular product uses, see the product’s page at
takeout_32We’re adding new products as we integrate them with Google Takeout, but even if a product isn’t integrated with Takeout, there’s usually a way to get your data out. See for the details for products not yet in Takeout.
takeout_32Google Takeout is designed for occasional use to take a copy of your data out of Google–typically for data backup. Since we’re gathering a lot of data from a lot of places, it’s somewhat resource intensive, so in order to avoid abuse of the product, we limit the number of Takeouts that you can do in a 24 hour period.
takeout_32If you have a lot of data in Google products, it can take a long time for us to build the archive of all of your data. If you’d rather not wait, click the “Email me when ready” checkbox on the Takeout Downloads page and we’ll email you when your Takeout is complete.