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Google Maps (with Map Maker)


Google Maps is an interactive map app with the ability to give you directions by foot, car, bus, bike or plane. Google Maps app now comes with Map Maker which allows you to create your own maps with landmarks and specific directions, and that information can help update the map Google uses and is seen by millions. With a UConn Google account, you have to opt-in to Public Services in order to use Google Maps.


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Quick Facts About Google Maps (click to expand)


Discover more with every click
The entire map is now interactive. Clicking anywhere will focus the map on that location and show you helpful things, like related places and the best ways to get there.

Find the best way there
You can now compare multiple modes of transportation right on the map to find the best way there and the best way home.

Earth View
The things you love about Google Earth are now directly integrated into the map, so you can see the planet without a plug-in*. Or a passport. *Available on WebGL-enabled browsers.

A map that gets better with use
As you search the map, star places you like and leave reviews, the map starts to adapt and can suggest things like restaurants you might enjoy or the quickest way home. In other words, the more you use the new Google Maps, the more helpful it becomes.