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Gmail not only creates an easy-to-use inbox and email correspondence, but can also be used to streamline your calendar, Google Drive, and other Google apps. Gmail can be synced with your current desktop email service including Microsoft Office, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, and can be used on almost any device to give you quick access to your email wherever you are.


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Quick Facts About Gmail (click to expand)

icn-hangouts-64 You can text, voice, and video chat through your gmail account.
googlemail-32 Lists and filters make organizing your inbox easier!- Labels can categorize and organize your emails for easier browsing.- Customize filters to automatically label and file incoming messages the way you want them.
drive-32 With your Google account you have unlimited storage between all Google apps, making your Gmail easier to manage without having to worry about running out of space.
layers__0006_Google_Calendar Gmail works with your calendar and if it finds something that might be an event you can add it to your calendar with one click, and all information is uploaded automatically.
g_translate With the help of Google Translator, Gmail can translate your emails with a single click.
googlemail-32 Gmail is a secure system with built-in disaster recovery, spam filtering and sender authentication.
icn-mobile2-64 Works with Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices.