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Starting the Fall of 2013 UConn Google Apps was extended to faculty and staff at the university. The core services (Calendar, Drive, Hangout, Sites, Groups) can be accessed through an opt-in process which includes the same contractual user level agreement as the students. The only difference is that faculty and staff cannot use their Gmail for email purposes. Once set up with an account Faculty can truly look at their new set of tools and see how their teaching can be revolutionized. The various applications across Google Apps makes it easy to find new innovative methods to teach. What makes this work well is that students are already using these applications so integration into the classroom should be seamless. Remember that Google Apps does not replace tools like Microsoft Office for certain tasks. Excel will always be the better tools for spreadsheets needing calculations. However, it is important to use all tools available in your digital toolbox. Focus on utilizing the collaborative aspect of your Google Apps account.

docs_small Design a class syllabus with Google Docs and share it with the students in your class

Create shared Google Calendars with students to organize meetings and schedules

Create collaborative spaces students can use for group projects with Google Drive

Edit or comment on Google Drive documents to give revision advice for students – tracks comments and history in real time

Using Google Hangout to schedule and offer virtual office hours and one-on-one meetings with students

Create a Google Site for your classes – have students build a page to practice with web design
Common Questions
How do I access my UConn Google Apps Account?
As a faculty member you will gain access to your UConn Google Apps accounts once you opt in at At opt-in you will be prompted to set up your Google password which works with your as username. Once this is completed you will use these credentials to log into Google Apps.
Why don’t I have access to Gmail?
Due to the fact that faculty already have through exchange you cannot use that same email for Google Apps. This means that you can use all the applications; however you can only send email through the Gmail application. Any emails you receive in response or in general are sent to your address will always go back to your exchange account.
How do I reset my Google Apps password if I forgot it?
If you forget your password simply navigate to and click the Activate/Reset Password link. Once you log in with your NetID and password you can set up a new Google Apps password.
What happens if I leave the university?
If you leave the university for any reason your account will only exist until the end of the month you left. This means that you need to stop using your UConn email address as soon as possible and move to migrate your data following the steps in How to Use Google Takeout.
Can I log into more than one Google account at the same time?
Google Apps allows you to have multiple accounts logged in at the same time. Once you log into your Gmail account click your user account which is next to the Share button. The option will show up to add an account. When you click on that it will prompt you to log into another account If you do log into multiple accounts at the same time make sure that you use your UConn Google Apps account for work related tasks. This is the only account which protects email and data under contract.
How much cloud storage space do I have on Google Drive?
It is also a good strategy to forward your UConn Google Apps email to another account if you are worried about losing the account in the future. You can do this when you are signed into Gmail by navigating to the settings button (Gear icon in upper right hand corner). On the drop down menu click on settings and then select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Click the Add a forwarding address and input the email address you would like your mail forwarded to. You will receive a confirmation code in the other email inbox which you need to put in to verify with Gmail. Once that is completed all your emails should be forwarded to your secondary email address.
How much cloud storage space do I have on Google Drive?
A normal Google account receives 5GB of storage shared between Gmail and Google Drive. However, with UConn Google Apps for Education account that storage is increased to 30GB which is significantly larger. Keep that in mind for later if you ever want to download or migrate your files.
Why are certain Google Apps not working for me using my UConn account?
Core Services are enabled by default when you opt-in for your UConn Google Apps account. These services are protected under university contract and cannot be data mined by any Google service. This means that anything outside of the 6 main services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Sites, Groups) may not work when signed in with your account. If you would like full access to all the applications that Google offers then you may opt-in to Google Apps Public Services. Please note that Public Services does not fall under the same contract and you have to agree to a different user level agreement when you opt-in. This is important to note because this may decide what Public applications you would use for work purposes.
Google Apps in Focus

“A core objective in my course is that students come out with the ability to illustrate key concepts visually. To help them accomplish this goal I developed several assignments where they explain economic concepts and applications using diagrams in Google Drawings. Starting to use Google helped me think about how to simplify technology based assignments around my desired learning outcomes. Google Drawings allows me to share the graphs with my students without altering my original templates. I can see my students’ revisions and give them help along the way. Once they’re done, they share the graphs within a HuskyCT discussion.” – Oskar H, Associate Professor of Economics

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