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Starting the Fall of 2013 UConn Google Apps was extended to faculty and staff at the university. The core services (Calendar, Drive, Hangout, Sites, Groups) can be accessed through an opt-in process which includes the same contractual user level agreement as the students. The only difference is that faculty and staff cannot use their Gmail for email purposes. We have found that some of most common uses for the applications within Google cater to collaboration amongst groups of people. For this reason we have seen some of the best initial success with student groups at the university. This success can be easily translated to increasing collaborative efforts within teams, program planning, departments or schools. Remember that Google Apps does not replace tools like Microsoft Office for certain tasks. Excel will always be the better tools for spreadsheets needing calculations. However, it is important to use all tools available in your digital toolbox. Focus on utilizing the collaborative aspect of your Google Apps account.


Create shared Google Calendars to coordinate meeting times between faculty members

Collaborating and working on program documents through Google Drive

Use Forms in Google Drive to poll all members on the best date to set a meeting

Edit or comment on Google docs to give revision for curriculum – tracks comments and history in real time

Work on meeting minutes in real time that everyone can see, edit and comment on in Google Drive

Use Google Hangouts to schedule and perform meetings through video chat – up to 10 people at a time

Creating a Google Site that hosts project documents and timelines

Setting up a discussion thread to determine class scheduling through Google Groups

Common Questions
How can I create a shared calendar that all my group members subscribe to?
Navigate to the Google Calendar App once you log into the main Gmail interface. Find the drop down menu next to My Calendars and click Create new calendar. In the Create new calendar options you can name the calendar, share it with everyone in your group, and give defined permissions to different members. This shared calendar request will be sent out via Gmail (They will receive it in your exchange account) to all members and can be overlaid on everyone’s personal calendar.
How can I share files with Group members in Google Drive?
One of the best features of Drive is the ability to create one document and share it with a large number of people. Any type of document that is created (doc, spreadsheet, presentation, form, drawing) can be shared with multiple users using the share button in the upper right hand corner. You can also assign different permission levels depending on if you want members to read only or be able to edit and change the file.
How should our group handle the ownership of important documents in Google Drive?
The ownership of documents is an important topic for a faculty organization. With continued turnover of adjunct faculty and PhD students it is important that documents have the ability to transfer ownership. Under the Sharing settings of any document the original creator (owner) of a document can transfer that ownership to another person. Note that this only works when users are in the same domain – meaning that are both using UConn Google Apps, not a personal Gmail account.
Why are certain Google Apps not working for me using my UConn account?
Core Services – are enabled by default when you opt-in for your UConn Google Apps account. These services are protected under university contract and cannot be data mined by any Google service. This means that anything outside of the 6 main services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Sites, Groups) may not work when signed in with your account. If you would like full access to all the applications that Google offers then you may opt-in to Google Apps Public Services. Please note that Public Services does not fall under the same contract and you have to agree to a different user level agreement when you opt-in. This is important to note because this may decide what Public applications you would use for work purposes within a group.
Google Apps in Focus

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